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Why Doulas Rock:

Interview With Satu

June 26, 2016

by Susanne Grant


I have something new and really excited to share. When you do a course with me I provide you with a lot of additional information which can help you prepare for a great birth such as chiropractor care, a doula or pregnancy massages. But how can these professionals help you further? Every month I will cover a birth professional so you know who can help you rock this birth.

We start with doula Satu from Your Birth With Satu. While studying as a yoga instructor in Bali, Satu realised her desire to become a doula, and decided to turn her world upside down in pursuit. After living in the Middle East for 7 years, she settled in Aberdeen, bringing with her the goal of making a positive difference to the lives of mothers.


Satu trained with Developing Doulas and is a member of Doula UK and the Scottish Doula Network. She is a qualified Wise Hippo Birthing Programme instructor and a pre- and postnatal yoga teacher. Satu is also trained in the traditional Ecuadorian massage, ‘closing the bones’, and in Birth Shiatsu. Satu loves Scotland and its people but is still adapting to the weather.

So, tell us Satu, why did you become a doula?

My doula journey began a few years ago in Nepal, before I even knew it.

I was practicing yoga and meditation which made me question what I was doing in life.


A seed was planted, I knew I wanted to do more and give more in life that I currently was, I wanted to do something that mattered, I wanted to make a difference. A few years passed by and I still didn’t know what that ‘something’ was, but never the less it was always present. The answer suddenly came to me while I was doing a yoga teacher training course in Bali. I wanted to give the gift of yoga to mothers. Self care is so important and who gives more to others than mothers? Mothers have so little time for themselves because they tend to put their family always first. If I could teach yoga to mothers, I could provide a safe space, and supportive community. I could help mothers to fill their own cup, and once you fill a mother’s cup, she gives even more to her children and her community. So I started to search for a pre- and postnatal yoga teacher training course. That’s when I came across the word for the very first time in my life. Reading more about doulas, I knew that I had found my calling; I had found that ‘something’ I wanted to give to the world.

For those who don't know yet, can you tell us what a doula is?


According to the Oxford English dictionary a doula is:

“A woman who gives assistance and advice to a new or expectant mother, either informally or professionally; esp. a woman (typically without formal obstetric training) employed to provide guidance and continuous support during labour.”

It is quite difficult to put in words what I do as a doula as the type of support I give to a mother, depends on what the mother needs from me. As a birth doula I offer continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother, her partner and her family during pregnancy, birth and the early days after birth. I will be there for her, support her, ask her what it is that she truly wants (when everyone seems to have a say what she should and shouldn’t be doing) and help her find unbiased information so that she can make evidence based choices that are right for her and her baby. She might choose to give birth at home, hospital or a midwife led unit. Have a vaginal or caesarean birth. It is not how a woman gives birth but how she feels about the birth that matters and every woman deserves a positive birth experience. During birth she might ask me to give her a massage, breathe with her, help her with different birth positions, look after her older children or even take the dog for a walk. As a doula, it is not about ‘doing’, it is about ‘being’ that matters, how to best be there for her. How can I support her (and her partner) in this journey to a positive and empowering birth experience? After the birth I’ll go visit the family once or twice and tend to their needs. We might talk about the birth, how the mother and baby are doing, or I could be there with the baby so that the mother can have rest. She will let me know what she needs from me at that time.


As a postnatal doula I will look after the mother’s needs and be there to give her unconditional support, a listening ear, and an extra pair of hands. I might be there to look after the baby and older children, so that she can have a moment to herself, a nice relaxing undisturbed shower/bath, afternoon nap, or I might help her by making a nice home cooked meal. I also offer overnight support giving the mother (and her partner) a chance for a good night’s sleep.


My role as a doula and the support I offer, always reflect the needs of the mother and her family.

Why is having a doula so valuable?


Imagine being pregnant and having unconditional support every step of the way, someone to call who is there to listen to your concerns and hopes. Imagine looking forward to your birth, feeling prepared and informed. Birth is a day that changes the woman’s life forever. That experience, those memories of how she felt and how she was treated will stay with her forever. Taking care of a newborn is not an easy job, made even more difficult if the woman did not have a positive birth experience. Evidence shows continuity of care having positive impact on the birth experience and the postnatal period.


There is evidence to show that having a doula can mean:

  • Reduced risk of Caesarean birth † *.
  • Reduced risk of instrumental birth † *.
  • Reduced need for painkillers or epidural during birth † *.
  • Reduced rate of induction of labour † *.
  • Shorter labour †.
  • Increased parental satisfaction with the birth experience. †
  • Increased likelihood of initiating breastfeeding *.
  • Increased likelihood of successfully establishing breastfeeding & breastfeeding at 6 weeks *.


What are your hopes and dreams?

My dream is for women to know that birth can be a positive experience and that they are aware of the steps to take in order to achieve it.

I wish for partners to know how important their role can be and the many ways in which they can support the mother during birth.

I wish that women be given unbiased information, given the space to make their own evidence based decisions, and that women are asked for (informed) consent before any procedure. Postnatally, I would like to see women receive more support especially in the sacred 40 days period following birth, and to raise awareness of the beautiful traditional massage ‘Closing the Bones’ which should be a choice for every mother to have after birth.

Overall I want to make a difference, starting from the beginning, from pregnancy and birth,

I truly believe we can change the world with positive birth, healing the world one birth at a time.

Would you like to work with Satu, I know I would, you can find her contact details below. Don't stay in Scotland, you can contact Doula UK for your local doula. Doula UK also has an access fund supporting mothers and families who otherwise may not be able to afford to hire a doula.



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* Brigstocke S. MIDIRS Midwifery Digest, vol 24, no 2, 2014, pp 157-160

† Hodnett ED, Gates S, Hofmeyr G, Sakala C. Continuous support for women during childbirth. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2013, Issue 7. Art. No.: CD003766. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD003766.pub5



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