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The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is not just about learning how to give birth, it is about informing yourself, empowering yourself and taking control of your birth experience.

You and your birth partner will learn how to become experts in relaxation, and all the emotional and physical tools you will need to achieve 'the right birth on the day' for you and your baby,

no matter what curve balls life throws at you.


Introduction to the Birthing Programme

There are many benefits from completing the programme. Research has shown that women using hypnobirthing and relaxation techniques have shorter labours, less need for medication and intervention, and their babies have higher Agpar scores.

By learning and practising our techniques you will be more able to relax and stay calm in labour, allowing your body to do what it knows how to do naturally. You will feel more confident and empowered and able to trust your instincts during labour. We call the techniques we teach you ‘tools for life’ and they will be useful long after your birth, in any situation that requires you to stay calm and trust your instincts.

I will teach you techniques to help release any fear and tension during labour, to help you feel in control no matter what path your birthing takes, enabling you to make informed decisions on the day for you and your baby. Your baby will also benefit from all of the feel good hormones which are released when you are calm and relaxed.

I will provide practical birth preparation advice enabling you to feel fully prepared, confident and ready for the birth of your baby. We also teach you the importance of the birth partner's role and how they can protect and support Mums practically, physically and emotionally helping them feel safe and stay relaxed during labour.


As well as becoming an expert in relaxation and learning valuable breathing techniques for labour and birth, you will also take away:

  • All of the information, techniques and tools you need to enable you to have an empowering and positive birth experience!
  • Lots of useful and important information on your choices and rights during pregnancy, labour and birth which will help you to make informed decisions.
  • Advice on practical birth planning, how to create your ideal birthing environment, how to stay calm, relaxed, focused and in control throughout your labour and birth, different birthing positions, the birth partner’s role and lots lots more!
  • ‘Skills for life’ which can be used long after your baby is born in many different situations.


The right birth on the day specialised sessions.


To ensure that I can be by your side no matter what you need in relation to your baby’s birth, I also offer specialised sessions in ‘The right birth on the day system' TM should you need them.


•The 4 session birthing programme has additional information for Twins and VBACs.

•A specialised Confident C-Section Programme.

•If you find later on in pregnancy that your baby is breech then there is the option for a breech turn session and/or a breech birth session if required.

•Should you find that you are facing induction there is a session to help get labour started and also one to help you prepare for induction if needs be.

•For those interested in having a Lotus birth there is also a session for that too.


Prepare for 'The Right Birth on The Day', no matter what turn your birthing takes.


For more detailed information on the hypnosis sessions carried out in class and the available mp3s click here.


To learn more about The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme and for

Question and Answers visit here.

The course includes

4 classes of 2.5-3 hours each**


  • 5 MP3s for you to listen to at home.
  • A work book to support your learning at home.
  • Ongoing telephone and email support from me up until the birth.
  • Ongoing post-natal support if required.
  • Information, advice and signposting to other relevant services.
  • Regular updates and useful information via my Facebook page.
  • Global Support Group


What is taught in each class is shown below.




4 Classes


€250 / Group Lessons

€375 / Private Lessons*

€170 / Skype one-to-one*


*in the comfort of your own home and timings that suit you


**For parents who are in the later stages of pregnancy we can arrange to fit the course around your timescale.

Happy Client

"Satu has been wonderful and supportive throughout the course (and beyond) – it has been a real pleasure to get to know her and have her involvement in our journey. We are really grateful to her."

- K, mom of 2 -

"I am so glad I invested in the Wise Hippo programme, it made my 2nd birthing experience such a positive and magical one, I was in complete control because I'd spent many months preparing myself for what was to come. It all happened just as I visualised it would (albeit a lot quicker, 45 mins from arriving at hospital and she was here!) I was 7cm dilated when I got there and had no idea. I birthed her with just gas and air and no need for stitches.

She is the calmest baby I've ever met!!"


-Catherine Asta Labbett-

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